Chibi's Cutest Hits

by Those American Girls



Here's an extra-special Christmas prezzy from Chibi's oven!
Presenting 8 songs performed by Chibi Kawaii American with Debbie American on guitar Yatta! All tracks have lyrics by Chibi and music by Debbie and Chibi* with the collection presenting the clear and concise world view and mission statement of a very real fictional Girl.

*NOTE: In the human reality, credits may be:
Lead vocals: Patricia Jauregui. Cameo appearances & instrument solos: Colleen Grate, Amber Lee Connors, Jeff Floro, Dino Sorbello. Written, produced & Copyright © MMXV by Peter Bernard.


released December 4, 2015

Written and produced by Chibi & Debbie American or written & produced by Peter Bernard, depending on whether you're a cartoon or a human.



all rights reserved


Those American Girls New York, New York

Worlds Most Badass Cartune Grl Rocker Band!

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Track Name: (I M) Nice (Until Ur Knot)
I M Nice
Until ur knot
Selfa steam
Is what I've got
If u act nicer
I'll sweeten the pot
Cuz I M Nice
Until ur knot

I dress cute
N I M sexy
My x-boyfriend
Is under my hex he
Was NOT good and
He was BAD
Don't ever get
Chibi Dezi Mad!

I M Nice
I SWEAR I'm nice!
Take my advice
Always treat me nice!
Track Name: I Like Socks
Always good
And never bad
Rocking socks
Is #NeoTrad
I like socks
Socks I like
I like them
When I ride my bike
I like to rock
my socks all day
And rock all
Your socks just for play
These kitty socks
Are quite a sight
These other socks
Are really tights!
See how the cat faces are painted on?
Track Name: I M Hot (N I M Cute)
I M Hot
N I M Cute
On me boys like 2 spend tha loot
There's 1 fact
U can't dispute
I M Hot
N I M Cute
I M Cute
Or so I hear
I like to grin
From ear to ear
I have fun
I have no fear
For I M Cute
All week, all year!
I M Hot
Or so they say
I'll be hot
Till I'm old and grey
Which is pretty far away
Since 2day's my 21st birthday!

I M Hot so they all say
Chibi Kawaii Dezuray
I'm the hottest girl today
Chibi Kawaii Dezuray
Track Name: (I Need) A Boy
If I say no then that means no
If I say yes then Go Go Go
Track Name: Yatta Yatta Hay
Yatta Yatta
Yuki yuki yuki
Yatta Yatta
Waka Waka Hay
Yatta Yatta
Yuki yuki yuki
Yatta Yatta
In the USA!

Hooray for Girls
Hooray for women
Hooray for men
Let's all go swimming!
Hooray for you
Who made it here
For those who didn't
We'll shed a tear
Hooray for you
Hooray for me
Hooray for all
Let's sing this song
From sea to sea
Yatta Yatta
Waka Waka
Track Name: A Feminist L8Y
Y can't I be
A feminist L8Y?
Y can't all of it
Be OK?
Y can't I be
Both left and right and maybe?
Those words divide us
Track Name: #NeoTrad
Here's where I'm at

and Ad
Philosophy can
Make you glad

Now back to Chibi
Who is #UltraRad

I got a mom
Quite ambitional
She don't respect that
I'm traditional
It makes her scared
Cuz she don't see
My life is in control
By ME!
Track Name: My Friend Quit Being Loli
My friend quit being Loli
I never thought the chance
Of it would ever probly
Today she's wearing pants!

My friend's no longer Loli
I never thought the chance
I guess now I'll ask Holly
To the Loli dance

Oh why
Do people change
Get lame
Instead of strange
Oh why
Do people change
Get Lame
Instead of strange

And then they get all borey
4 Real what is the story?